Google Ads Campaign Types, Explained

Choosing the Right Google Ads Campaign Type for You

Google Ads is a fantastic online advertising tool, allowing you to instantly put your brand in front of the right eyes. Through a variety of ads that appear as videos, images, graphics and text, you can run ads for virtually any business, all at price points you identify. With so many options, Google Ads can quickly become a frustrating process.

One of the main decisions you’ll need to make is which type of campaigns you’re looking to run, and there’s a variety of options. Search campaigns show your ads across search engine results. Display Campaigns shows across Google’s Display Network, a collection of more than 2 million sites. Shopping Campaigns show your products at the top of search engine results for product-related searches. Video Campaigns show your video ads across YouTube, mobile applications and several affiliated video networks.

It’s our goal to help you make informed Google Ads decisions. Get to know each of the main Google Ads campaign types below, so that you can make informed decisions about the ads you run.

But one note before we start: we’re going to outline Google Ads campaigns from a high-level perspective. If you’re looking for more specific information on how to create the content that goes inside of your campaigns, you’ll want to reference our individual guides that break down each step in detail. If you want help choosing your keywords, writing ad content or properly segmenting your account structure, we’ve created easy, educational docs that help replace anxiety with peace of mind.

Google Ads Search Campaigns

Google Ads Search Campaigns are by far the most popular option. They allow you to show a variety of text ads directly in search engine results, right where consumers are already searching for your products or services. Introduce your brand through text ads made of 30-character headlines and 90-character descriptions, where you can test ad content for effectiveness.

Search campaigns are ideal if you want to pair a user’s search with your business as a solution. These campaigns can be optimized to drive brand awareness and reach, increase website engagement, and ultimately drive both leads and sales that you can track directly in the Google Ads platform.

Google Ads Display Campaigns

Unlike Search Campaigns, which show your ads directly in search engine results, Display Campaigns run through Google Ads that show your ads on a wide variety of websites partnered with Google’s Display Network. You can identify individual websites, or groups of websites and mobile applications that focus on specific topics or are visited by specific audiences where you want your ads to show. Specific Display Ads will show as banner ads on the top of the page, footer ads at the bottom of the page, or sidebar ads on either side of the webpage.

Display Campaigns can achieve a much wider reach than a Search Campaign can; for that reason, Display Campaigns are often an advertiser’s first choice when it comes to brand awareness, introducing as many potential consumers as possible to a particular brand or business. In addition, you can set up a Display Campaign to specifically retarget individuals who previously reached your website before navigating away without making a purchase.

Google Ads Video Campaigns

Most internet users today have very shortened attention spans. As a result, it’s in your best interest to capture and retain their interest as soon as possible. There’s perhaps no better campaign type when it comes to instantly capturing attention than a Video Campaign through Google Ads. Google Ads Video Campaigns are shown across YouTube, as well as other partnered websites and anywhere that a YouTube video has been embedded. Run Video Ads through a variety of skippable and non-skippable video formats; you can even target specific YouTube channels, user demographics and individual videos.

Much like Display Campaigns, Video Campaigns are very useful if you’re attempting to showcase more of a visual product or service. In addition, Video Campaigns help fortify brand awareness, and are proven to drive increased conversions and total sales for well-performing product sets.

Google Ads Shopping Campaigns

When it comes to online advertising, the quickest distance between your products and potential customers is a Google Ads Shopping Campaign. Shopping Campaigns are made up of individual product listings; once you set up a Merchant Center feed to keep track of all your products, Google will show your product ads complete with product names, pricing and images. You can even specify time-specific promotions, or attach user reviews to your product ads, for added effect.

In addition, businesses with physical store locations can launch Local Inventory Ads through a Shopping Campaign, to promote products that can be found at local retail locations.

Google Ads Local Campaigns

If you’re looking to maximize your circle of influence in your local area, a Google Ads Local Campaign is perfect for your brand or business. Local Campaigns combine a number of elements from the above campaign types, to tailor a custom campaign that broadcasts your brand within a geographic radius you identify.

Local Campaign components include sponsored Google Maps listings, as well as placements in search results for local business services, local YouTube channels and the appropriate Display Network websites.

Note that in order to run a fully-optimized Local Campaign through Google Ads, you’ll need to activate either location extensions or affiliate location extensions, to help consumers identify your location, and how far you are away from them. This process is expedited when you claim your Google My Business listing in the Google Ads platform.

The Campaign Formats You Need to Achieve the Goals You Want

Whether you’re looking to dramatically increase total website visitors month-over-month, drive enhanced sales figures, or accumulate steady leads over time, there’s a Google Ads campaign type that’s best-suited to fulfill your goals.

The challenge? Finding the best campaign type available, to deliver your goals without compromising your budget or eating all of your free time.

Here’s the good news: campaign creation is ALL that our in-house Google Ads specialists do. We consider it both a passion and a privilege to help businesses like yours profitably scale, and that often starts by launching pay-per-click advertising.

We’d love to help you identify and create the best campaigns for your business, and it all starts with a free growth audit on your online presence. If you have a Google Ads account, we’ll audit to identify additional optimization opportunities. If not, we’ll help you forecast potential sales against potential spend, to help you determine if Google Ads would be a profitable avenue for you. Get started with Vektor Strategies & Marketing today, and we’ll help you profitably scale your business through paid search, or through whichever online traffic generation strategies that will work best for your situation.

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