Our Team

Who We Are

Josh Jurkovich

“Over the past several years, I’ve been the CEO of my marketing agency: Vektor Strategies & Marketing. After a decade of experience in sales and sales management, I was fascinated by all of the strategy involved in lead generation, nurturing which drives business growth and sustainability.

I immediately found my passion for the space and spend almost all of my time learning new tools, strategies, tips and tricks when it comes to building out a businesses funnel and customer acquisition strategy.

I now act as a marketing consultant for several clients and they’ve said “I get more out of a one hour phone call with you than I’ve gotten out of entire digital courses”.

I’ve obtained the following strategic partnerships so I have the knowledge to help you through your toughest business and marketing challenges:

Masters Degree in Digital Marketing:

Infusionsoft Certified Partner

Hubspot Certified Partner:

Memberium Certified Partner

Digital Marker: Analytics & data Mastery certified, Email Marketing Certified, Copywriting Certified, Search Marketing Certified, Social & Community Management Certified, Optimization & Testing Certified, Content Marketing Certified, Conversion Funnel Certified, Paid Traffic Certified, E-Commerce Marketing Certified, Community Management Certified.”

Kayla Jurkovich

After teaching elementary school for 6 years, Kayla wanted to dip her toe into the business world through pursuing a masters in HR.  When Josh offered her real life experience in learning how to orchestrate and operate a business while nurturing a growing team, she jumped at it.  With an interest in details and thirst to go against the status quo, she jumped headfirst into business with her husband.

Why We Exist

Our Values 

Value.  We consistently believe in providing value and find your ideas valuable.

Ethics. God; Family; Work.

Knowledge. “Education is the difference between wishing you could help other people and being able to help them.”

Transparency.  No elephants.

Ownership.  We own our mistakes and triumphs.

Resourceful.  Have you met Josh, our CEO, the tool-guy?

Our Purpose

VEKTOR: (noun) quantity having DIRECTION as well as MAGNITUDE

We empower people to live their calling, pursue their passions, and act out their purpose [of making an IMPACT].

Our Mission

Vektor Strategies is on a mission to help small businesses grow and scale through marketing strategy and automation. 

Get to Know Vektor Strategies

We would appreciate the opportunity to teach you more about our marketing strategy and automation services and how they could transform your business.