Answering Your Top Questions About PPC Conversions

Your Google Ads Conversions Questions, answered.

You’ve considered running Google Ads for one reason: to meet your goals. Whether you’re trying to increase online sales, generate phone calls to your company, achieve resource downloads or any other action, you’re depending on Google Ads to take your business to the next level.

A Google Ads conversion – an action you track every single time a user online interacts with your ad – helps put that progress in measurable, trackable form. Whether that action comes from a computer, a tablet or a mobile device, Google Ads conversions helps you quantify your progress.

Especially if you’re setting up a Google Ads account for the first time, you’re going to have some questions when it comes to installing, maintaining and optimizing your conversions. And if you’ve found that those questions are contributing toward any frustration, we’re here to set your mind at ease. From offline conversions to phone call tracking, why we’ve outlined answers to your most popular Google Ads conversions questions.

How Do I Set Up Google Ads Conversions?

Setting up conversions for your business is a must if you’re looking to track results from your ad performance. Once you navigate to the Conversions page, select the blue “plus” button to create a new conversion.

You’ll be able to create a conversion action from 1 of 4 different sources:

Depending on the type of conversion you select, you’ll be asked to identify additional details about your conversion action. These details might include:

  • Conversion Category: Purchase, Subscribe, Sign-Up, etc.
  • Conversion Name
  • Conversion Value: If you’d like, you can assign a specific monetary value to each conversion.
  • Conversion Count: Identify whether you’d like to count every conversion (useful for purchase conversions), or whether you’d only like to count the first conversion (useful for newsletter sign-ups, certain leads, etc.)
  • Attribution Model: Identify how much credit you want to give each click for each conversion.

What is a Google Ads Conversion Tracking Code?

Whenever you’re in the process of creating a Google Ads conversion action, you’ll be provided a conversion tracking code in the process. Certain conversion actions require that you install that conversion tracking code across each page of your website. This tag helps you track specific user actions whenever they arrive on your website, after clicking on one of your ads. This is likely the point at which you’ll pass along the Google Ads conversion tracking code to your webmaster, who will help you install the code across all necessary URLs.

Can I Track How Much Online Revenue We’ve Generated Over a Specific Period of Time?

Yes, you can absolutely track how much online revenue you’ve generated specifically through Google Ads. If you’re using a CMS that allows you to track total conversion value (total revenue generated), you can even track specific dollar amounts your ads have generated, compared against the amount spent over the same time period.

You’ll only need to navigate to your base Google Ads dashboard in the platform, and make sure that the “Conversions” column is showing (if it is not, navigate to Campaigns, then select “Columns” in the bottom right corner and select “Total Conversion Value”). After total conversion value is visible, you’ll only need to set the specific date range you want to see up in the top right corner.

Note that conversion totals and total conversion value can only be seen after the conversion tracking codes have been installed.

What Happens if Someone Converts Offline?

Conversions are set up through Google Ads to track sales, generated phone calls, and other actions that can be tracked online. However, what if someone first clicks on your ad, but later converts inside of your physical store, or on a call with one of your employees or sales representatives? Since that lead was generated through Google Ads, you’ll still want to include that conversion among total conversions generated.

Fortunately, Google Ads allows you to manually import any and all conversion metrics that may have been accomplished offline. To do so, you’ll need to first identify the start of the conversion. Did this offline conversion begin with a click, or with a phone call?

If it began with a click, you’ll need to make sure you have offline conversions activated, and import using the Google Ads offline conversions import feature. If it began with a phone call, you’ll need to follow the Google Ads offline conversions import process specific to phone calls.

How Can I Test My Conversions to Make Sure They’re Working Correctly?

Obviously, you need a way to test whether or not you’ve successfully installed your conversions. You can typically accomplish this simply by downloading the Google Tag Manager extension for your Chrome browser, available here. Once you’ve done so, all you need to do is navigate to the webpage or web pages, and activate the extension by clicking on it to verify that the conversions tracking tags have been correctly placed into the code. Once the extensions gives you the all clear, you can rest assured that your conversions are all set up and ready to begin accurate user tracking.

Installing Conversions Without Losing Your Sanity

It’s fairly common knowledge in the pay-per-click (PPC) ads community that when it comes to Google Ads, conversion installation and tracking is one of the most difficult parts of the entire process. You’ll need to identify your preferred conversion actions, then install tracking tags across any appropriate web pages, install separate phone call conversions, verify correct conversions installation, and optimize as the account matures. If that’s enough to get your head spinning, we feel your pain.

There’s a better way to install all of your Google Ads conversions (unless you’re a fan of doing everything the hard way). Rather than learn multiple new online advertising platforms, and risk frustration when it comes time to verify correct conversions installation, why not let the pros take a look?

If you’re at all hesitant about any of the above details, rest assured that our in-house paid search specialists have done nothing for years except take Google Ads accounts live for continually satisfied clients. Schedule your FREE paid ads audit today – we can help you launch new Google Ads campaigns, identify additional opportunities for any existing Google Ads campaigns, and take care of ALL of your conversions installation, tracking and optimization from day one. If you’re interested in Google Ads conversions installed the right way, the first time, we’re here to help whenever you need us.

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