Inbound Sales

Along with inbound marketing, inbound sales strategies are the best way to personalize your selling experience, tailor your purchasing process to your target audience and reap the rewards.

Vektor Strategies works with every client to customize a sales process to support prospects through every step of the journey. 


Whether you’re new to the world of CRM or an experienced CRM user, Vektor Strategies can provide you with consulting services to form your initial CRM strategy.

Vektor Strategies reassess an existing strategy or get back on track with a previously-successful CRM plan.

CRM can be overwhelming if you aren’t experienced in the field, which is why we always customize our advice to meet the needs of your business today instead of offering one-size-fits-none advice. 

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Are your sales team members achieving their full potential?

Sales enablement equips your organization with the tools and information you need to sell effectively.

At Vektor Strategies, we know that sales enablement is less about the sales team than the buyers. Vektor will work with you to determine accurate profiles of your target consumers and learn the best ways to reach them and close deals. 


Aligning both your sales and marketing teams is critical for the best results. 

After all, if one team doesn’t know what the other is doing, you cannot make a focused and targeted effort towards your goal.

Vektor can bring together both wings of your small business to make sure that sales and marketing teams are both oriented to the same goals. 


What if your sales team performed 19% better? 

One research study found that sales coaching could improve long-term performance of a sales team up to 19%.

Vektor Strategies can turn average salespeople into passionate salespeople who close more deals and win more customers.