Explode Your Conversions – The Right Google Ads Extensions Can More Than Double Your Click-through Rate

The right Google Ads extensions can more than double your click-through rate

That headline isn’t a typo. No matter how well your ads perform without extensions, Google Ads extensions offers you the opportunity to add specific details and features to your ads where they need it most.

Google Ads extensions are simply extra words or phrases, which you define, that allow you to bolster ad relevance with extra information. Add a Call Extension, which allows you to attach your phone number directly to the ad itself, and track ad-generated phone calls. Add Sitelink extensions, which allow you to link ad content to deeper pages within your website. Add Price extensions, which convey product pricing to your consumers before they ever click.

No matter the details you want to add, you can actively transform the rate at which people see and click on your ads after only a few extensions are installed. Whether you’re a seasoned Google Ads veteran or just getting started in the paid advertising game, extensions are a game-changer.

Not sure which Google Ads extensions are best for your business? Not a problem. We’ve outlined our favorite Google Ads extension types below, to help you eliminate the learning curve and replace any stress with peace of mind.

Before we get to the best Google Ads extensions out there, a word on how they work, and when they show. Even if you install extensions into your campaigns, they won’t likely show all the time. At any given time, ads can show typically between 2-6 extensions at once. Whether or not extensions show is decided by several factors, including Ad Rank (ad position relative to other ads), existing competition for your keywords and accommodation of the basic requirements to run extensions (valid phone number, valid business location, etc.).

Call Extensions

Whenever you’re looking to prioritize your phone number in the eyes of your consumers, call extensions will quickly become your best friend. All you’ll need to do is identify the phone number you want to show when your ads appear, and the Google Ads platform will take care of the rest. You’ll also need to identify your conversion action – how you would like your calls to be tracked. For even more specific control over your call extensions, you can specify when you’d like them to show – all the time, or only during specific hours. 

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions in Google Ads do just that: allow you to provide links to different pages within your site, all right from the ad itself. As long as you specify at least two sitelinks, your extensions will be eligible to show whenever your ads are.

To create a sitelink extension, you’ll need to create the sitelink text itself, up to 25 characters. After providing up to 2 lines of descriptive text, each 35 characters maximum, you’ll only need to identify the URL you want customers to reach after clicking on your sitelink. And just like that, you’ve created links in your ads that take users directly to pages you specify.

Structured Snippet Extensions

If there are specific aspects of your brand’s products or services that you’d like to highlight, structured snippet extensions through Google Ads were created to help you get the job done. Before a potential consumer ever clicks on your ad, they’ll be able to learn even more about your business through structured snippet extension content.

Once you identify your preferred language, creating a structured snippet extension is made incredibly easy. You’ll need to specify a “header type,” which essentially categorizes the details to come. Options there include: amenities, brands, courses, models, styles, types and service catalog.

Price Extensions

Price extensions are perfect if you’re looking to educate your consumers not only on individual product features, but also on the price itself. You’ll need to specify a few details before your price extensions go live, but providing that extra commercial information to a potential customer can help break the tie between your ads and the competition.

First, you’ll need to identify a few administrative extension details, including language, currency type (USD if advertising within the United States) and a price qualifier – up to a certain dollar amount, an average dollar amount, a minimum dollar amount or no specified price qualifier.

Your price extensions also call for header text, a dollar amount and unit – per hour, per day, per week, no unit, etc. and you’ll also need to install descriptive text alongside a final URL.

Callout Extensions

Similar to structured snippet extensions, though showing in a different format, callout extensions also highlight additional information that your potential consumers might find valuable when your ads appear in search engine results. Despite their small individual size, callout extensions help you provide any missing information you couldn’t fit into a 90-character description, to fully inform each conversion or buying decision.

No excessive effort required here: all you need to do is identify callout text, individual 25-character messages. You’re also given the option of scheduling when you’d like your callout extensions to appear, before taking them live and enjoying the return.

Location Extensions

Vektor Strategies & Marketing

Any physical business location running ads should consider location extensions as an option. This extension type allows you to list all of the basic business details you’d want potential customers to see online, including business address, business phone number and map location, alongside the rest of your regular ad content.

In order to launch a location extension, you’ll need to link and identify a Google My Business account, from which Google Ads will pull the necessary business information. If you have more than one Google My Business listing registered under an individual Gmail account, make sure to specify the correct location. Once the individual business location has been specified, you’ll need to navigate to your Google My Business account and accept the account link. Just like that, location information is showing alongside your ads where applicable.

Promotion Extensions

Your customers deserve to see and understand specific promotions, limited-time deals and any other discounts or time-sensitive offers your business may be running. Whenever you have a specific promotion you’d like shown, promotion extensions through Google Ads help you do exactly that.

You’ll start creating your promotion extensions by specifying the discount type you’d like to run – monetary, percentage, “up to” a monetary amount or “up to” a percentage. You’ll need to identify “item” content for the discount itself, before adding a final URL to direct consumers to a specific destination. You can also identify specific promotion start and end dates, as well as discount code and “on orders over” qualifiers.

Other Extension Types

The extensions we’ve chosen to outline are far from the only Google Ads extensions available. You can also choose to use other extension types, all to accomplish specific goals. Look into app extensions if you’re looking to link any tablet or mobile applications to your ads. Identify third-party locations where your products can be found, using affiliate location extensions.

You can also use a wide variety of automated extensions, extensions managed by Google Ads that automatically show when Google Ads believes the extension will increase a user’s click-through rate and overall ad relevance.

Meet Google Ads Extensions, your ticket to increased online sales

No matter the extensions you choose to use in Google Ads, extensions themselves are only a small part of the overall online advertising picture. You’ll also need to identify keywords, write ad content, specify geographic targeting and of course optimize your ads on an ongoing basis.

We understand how stressful and time-consuming all of those concerns can be, especially when you’re doing many of them for the first time. That’s where we love to step in: helping brands and businesses just like yours profitably scale to reach overall business goals.

Schedule your FREE growth audit today, and we’ll help you find opportunities to scale your current Google Ads account OR forecast potential spend and return if you’re still considering running pay-per-click advertising online.

Keep Google Ads extensions front and center when building out Google Ads campaigns. Even if you’ve already engineered a well-performing campaign, a few well-placed extensions can do wonders for your overall ad relevance, click-through rate and total sales. Informing your consumers before they ever click can directly contribute to more sales and more leads, all for the same amount you’d be spending otherwise.

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