Online sales funnels are powerful tools for offering
value, capturing leads and making sales.

With highly-educated consumers who have more purchasing choices than ever before being tempted by rock-bottom prices at your competitors, it’s essential to strategically drive traffic through your website to capture leads at a variety of points. Vektor Strategies and Marketing can assist you in determining what type of sales funnels are right for you, implementing them and reaping the benefits. 

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets can look like a variety of things, from checklists to templates, and they work by requiring a lead to opt-in to email communications to receive the product. 

Since you are offering something to the customer, you can also ask for some additional helpful information like marketing budget or position title.

 Once you get your leads, it’s critical to have appropriate and regular follow-ups to turn those leads into customers.  

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are the most popular type of digital funnel for businesses.

The right sales funnel will get you more quality leads and more sales.

CRM can be overwhelming if you aren’t experienced in the field, which is why we always customize our advice to meet the needs of your business today instead of offering one-size-fits-none advice. 

Your Perfect Webinar

Webinar funnels have a natural sense of scarcity because they are one-time live events. 

The only way that someone can participate in a webinar is by RSVP-ing.

Depending on your target audience, you can also offer a 48-hour webinar replay. When using a webinar funnel, we will ensure that your landing pages include:

  • Countdown timers to foster greater urgency
  • The date of the webinar
  • A strong call to action
  • Follow-ups to get the customer to show up for the webinar

Ebook Funnels

Ebook funnels are popular lead magnet funnels and sales funnels, depending on whether you are extending an ebook as a free piece of value or as the product.

Books are great tools for educating your consumers about the importance of your service, establishing your credibility and building your status as an authority in your field.