Without the right strategy and the means to achieve your goals, you will never get the marketing and sales results you’re looking for.

Vektor Strategies and Marketing provides a full suite of consulting services designed to elevate your brand, increase conversions and get more sales. 

Your StoryBrand

Creating a StoryBrand is one of the most potent ways to clarify your brand message, revolutionize your marketing and connect with the right customers.
It can be tough to explain the real impact of what you do, but that is what customers care about. A muddled or seemingly-contradictory brand will turn your audience off. With the help of Vektor Strategies and Marketing, you can develop, clarify and finalize your brand message, so that your business can experience new levels of growth.

Marketing Automation

Automation, whether it’s streamlining your marketing or making your cup of coffee, can simplify your workload. 

As a small business owner, few things are more valuable than your time!

Marketing automation solutions from Vektor Strategies will equip you with the tools to find and engage with your target audience. From search engine marketing to landing pages, it’s never been easier to attract and retain customers and brand advocates. 

CRM Consulting

Whether you’re starting to explore CRM or an experienced CRM user, Vektor Strategies can provide you consulting services to form your initial CRM strategy

Vektor Strategies reassess an existing strategy or get back on track with a previously-successful CRM plan.

CRM can be overwhelming if you aren’t experienced in the field, which is why we always customize our advice to meet the needs of your business today instead of offering one-size-fits-none advice. 

Sales Enablement

Are your sales team members achieving their full potential?

Sales enablement equips your organization with the tools and information you need to sell effectively.

It surprises many business owners to learn that sales enablement is less about the sales team than the buyers. Vektor will work with you to determine accurate profiles of your target consumers and learn the best ways to reach them and close deals. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the strategic process to increase the percentage of visitors to your landing page or website who complete a desired action, whether the action is completing a form, making a purchase or something else entirely.

Vektor Strategies can assist you in optimizing your site for conversions and the best user experience possible.

RO can only be effective with an in-depth examination of who your customers are, how they utilize your website and what friction exists currently.