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Google Ads Ad Types & Use

Learn the basics and benefits to core Google Ads formats, from text to responsive display ads, broadcast online across Google Search and Display Networks.

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7 Steps to Writing Dynamite Google Ads Copy

From character counts to “move the needle content”, we outline the exact steps we take to transform nondescript ad content into copy that converts like mad.

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7 Steps to Dynamite Keyword Performance

The 7 Steps Between Your Account and Dynamite Keyword Performance Keywords form the cornerstone of every successful Google Ads account. They define where and when …

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29 Google Ads terms to know infographic

Google Ads: Terms to Know

29 Google Ads Terms You Need to Know The Google Ads platform has been described many ways. It’s versatile, allowing you to launch a wide …

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Google Ads accounts structure explained – Google Ads Basics Series – Pro Performance

If you’re considering the possibility of running Google Ads for your business, the worst thing you can do is get started without understanding how the …

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Should I Be Running Google Ads? When is the timing right? – More Customers could actively be searching for you right now!!

If you’re thinking about running Google Ads for your business but haven’t pulled the trigger, we outline 4 business-oriented reasons why you might be missing out.

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Explode Your Conversions – The Right Google Ads Extensions Can More Than Double Your Click-through Rate

Google Ads extensions are simply extra words or phrases, which you define, that allow you to bolster ad relevance with extra information. Add a Call Extension, which allows you to attach your phone number directly to the ad itself, and track ad-generated phone calls. Add Site-link extensions, which allow you to link ad content to pages deeper within the website itself. Add Price extensions, which convey product pricing to your consumers before they ever click.

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