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Everything You Need to Know About Google Ads Reporting

You’ve decided you want to run Google Ads for your brand or business. And after you’ve taken steps to choose your Google Ads keywords, draft …

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Google PPC KPIs

10 Critical Pay-per-click KPIs to Track

Unsure whether your PPC campaigns are performing as well as they should? Here are the 10 most important KPIs you should be tracking and why they matter!

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Learning Google Ads Editor in 30 Minutes.

Google Ads Editor helps you optimize advertising in a fraction of the time, whether you’re revising ad content or copying campaigns from one account to another.

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Answering Your Top Questions About PPC Conversions

From Google Ads conversions setup to tracking, we answer your questions about tracking codes, conversion rates and all things Google Ads conversions.

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Finding Bidding Strategies that Work for Your Campaigns

Google Ads is a very unique form of advertisement. It allows you to show your ads online when users search for keywords you identify. No …

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Google Ads Campaign Types, Explained

Choosing the Right Google Ads Campaign Type for You Google Ads is a fantastic online advertising tool, allowing you to instantly put your brand in …

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