We elevate your brand for long-term success

We set out to help businesses grow. Vektor Strategies & Marketing became the avenue that allows us to connect your company with consumers actively searching for your services. We partner with life-changing businesses, offering brand-altering transparency that allows you to clearly identify and customers like never before.

At Vektor Strategies & Marketing, we position ourselves between the company and the consumer, serving as an organic extension of your marketing team. Whether we’re providing digital consultation or fractional marketing services, we’re committed to scaling your brand through proven digital innovation. We help small and medium-sized businesses understand and improve their performance metrics, engaging the right customers with the right touch points at the right time.

Meet your newest strategic marketing team!

Take advantage of full-time digital marketing experts, without the full-time commitment.

Josh Jurkovich
Kayla Jurkovich
Philanthropic Outreach Coordinator
John Gallagher
Digital Marketing Director
Nicole Curcio
Account Coordinator
Aleko Kavouras
Graphic Designer
Aaron Sweidan
Email Copywriter
Rebecca Siemens
Content Writer
Isabella Henriksson
Content Writer
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